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ABREF Private Limited

I congratulate you for manufacturing & supplying to ABREF (P) LTD., Your first Thermal Dilatometer for measurement of thermal expansion up to 1300 degree Centigrade.


I had always wanted to have this equipment in our laboratory but due to the high cost of imported units (above 10 lacs) and the non availability of a reliable supplier in our country the idea was not pursued. I remember the day when we met and i just opened the idea for you to try this equipment. Your sincere attempt in following up this request resulted in our company deciding to go for this equipment. I had also fixed an amount which we can budget for the equipment and you had without hesitation accepted the same as only such decisions take us a long way in business life.


As a person who has closely involved in handling precision instruments I saw in you the ability to come up with this equipment. I am proud to tell you that you have brought out a fine equipment which is now in regular use for R & D purpose in our labs and has crossed 50 tests. I am happy with the results being obtained with the equipment and the consistency of operation. I also thank you for the fine after sales service you have provided especially training our staff on the day-to-day usage requirements.

We at ABREF wish you and your team at M/s VB Ceramic Consultants, Chennai, A very successful future in all your ventures.

Department of Physics

This is to express my appreciation to the founder of M/s. VB Ceramic Consultants, Chennai (formerly New Solution Ceramic Consultants) Dr. V. Viswabaskaran and his team members for his entrepreneurship and efficiency in design and development of hot-zone furnaces, planetary ball mills, microwave furnace and structural ceramics and related measurement/characterization units for both industrial and academic community of our country. I focus my opinions pertinent to planetary ball mill and microwave furnace for sintering electronic ceramic components such as barium titanate related ferroelectric and dielectric materials.


Dr. Viswabaskaran has agreed to design and fabricate the above two units for our academic research requirements. I am very happy to say that he has developed the units indigenously at affordable cost that is comparatively less than imported ones. We have continuously interacted with him during the process of microwave furnace development and successfully verified the feasibility of the unit for barium substituted perovskite sintering. Consequently the unit has been installed in our laboratory and we have successfully sintered barium titanate ferroelectrics repeatedly. The properties have been compared with conventional sintering ones and found satisfactory.


Dr. Viswabaskaran is very cooperative in his approach and I have understood that his priority is to develop the units indigenously for scientific and industrial needs. He is very sincere and receptive to the requirements of the costumers. I am very much happy and comfortable to discuss our technical problems for solutions from him. Such an attitude reflects his understanding ability and whole-hearted cooperation to let the costumers achieve their goals.


This is to inform that VB Ceramic Consultants, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai has supplied us the High alumina fibre forming equipment and Humidity chamber to our lab. The quality of the above equipments is good and we are satisfied with their Service.


I have no hesitation to recommend VB Ceramic Consultants as a supplier for special equipments and furnaces to any research organisation and industries.

V.V Mineral

Here with we are expressing our appreciation to Dr. V. Viswabaskaran, proprietor of M/s.VB Ceramic Consultants and his team members for his dedicated efforts in design and development of sand heating equipments to our organization. They have supplied four numbers of double shaft screw model and two numbers of metal conveyor model with capacity of 3 tone/hour. The equipments are user friendly and we have obtained encouraging and reliable results from the equipment


Dr. V. Viswabaskaran arid team has been very co-operative and providing variable service to maintain the facilities.We were very happy and comfortable to discuss our technical requirements to get solutions from him though out the period of development of sand heating equipment.

Lamco Industries


This to express our appreciation & commendation to the founder of M/s. VB ceramic Consultants, Chennai , Dr. V. Viswabaskaran and his team members for their ingenuity & efficiency in the design and development of Top Hat Kiln for the sintering of our ceramic wares.


Dr. Viswabaskaran had agreed to design.fabricate and supply this Top Hat Kiln for our application which was the first of its kind in their execution.Indoing so, we have continuously interacted with their team members for taking trails and understanding the behaviour of the kiln at each stage. The narrow band of electrical results of our product across the various cross sections of the kiln have implied fairly good temperature uniformity inside the kiln yielding only 2.5% variation which is the best performance seen in any kiln used by us so far.


Dr.Viswabaskaran has been very co-operative and receptiveto resolve all issues on the performance of the kiln. We were very happy & comfortable to discuss our technical problems to get solutions from him throughout the period of trials on this furnace.


Commercially also the pricing of this furnace was very very cost effective in comparison to ones of any other brands in india or abroad with exactly same specification. We are also very much happy about the excellent control he exercises on the delivery as most of the components / parts are with in his group companies.


Unhesitantly, we may mention that this performance far exceeds those of any brand of furnaces of international origin.


Dear Dr. Viswabaskaran

At the outset we would like to share our joy in getting successful results using your microwave furnace. We could achieve  °C accuracy at 1600°C. We are sure that the particular system with 2kW power is capable of heating to temperatures beyond 1600°C.

We processed a few thermal tile samples for the emissivity coating and found that excellent coating could be achieved with homogenity within 1h (total process duration) as against 4-6h using conventional heating. Also, we processed a few reasonators and found that the quality factor increased by 10-12%. Here too, the process duration was considerably shorter than conventional.

We appreciate your design and manufacturing skill in realising the system. We wish you all success in your future ventures.

Thanking you with Best Wishes.

Composite Technology Centres, India

This is to inform that VB Ceramic Consultants, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai has supplied us the High alumina fibre forming equipment and Humidity chamber to our lab. The quality of the above equipments is good and we are satisfied with their Service.


I have no hesitation to recommend VB Ceramic Consultants as a supplier for special equipments and furnaces to any research organisation and industries.


  • Department of Ceramic Technology
  • Anna University, Chennai - 25



I would like to record my appreciation about V B Ceramic Consultants, Chennai (VBCC) for realizing the first Microwave Hybrid Furnace in India. We wanted to build such a furnace for sintering low-loss, high-dielectric ceramics upto 1600°C, based on results that we obtained in usual Microwave Furnace which was also built by VBCC. No company in India, except VBCC, took this challenging task.

VBCC built and commissioned this MHF in 2011 with their expertise and also through constant interaction with us. This can simultaneously supply 12kW of resistive power and 4kW of microwave power into a specially insulated chamber of ~25lit volume. A Pyrometer-PIDThyristor system measures and controls the job temperature within ±1°C. The resistive and microwave powers are controlled by a single PID Controller. Adequate safety mechanisms have been incorporated and the microwave leak during peak operation is within the level as per International standard. Ample cooling keeps the microwave sources and furnace body near to ambient temperature. A PC interface with data-logging is also provided. The MHF is working very well and being used almost daily.


I wish VBCC all success in their ventures and strongly recommend their name for building up any such high-tech facility.

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